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What’s Bringing You Joy Right Now?

Last night, I was walking home from the grocery store when I saw the cutest thing…

Twenty minutes earlier, ominous clouds had blown in, and I’d dashed out to get milk and bananas, hoping to make it back before the skies opened up. But while I was in the store, the rainstorm began and I knew I’d be soaked by the time I walked home.

I decided to make a run for it and splashed through the puddles. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a little figure running down the block. As he got closer, I realized it was 10-year-old Toby!

“Mommy!” he shouted over the rain. “I knew you didn’t have an umbrella so I came to rescue you!” He held out his umbrella and I ducked underneath.

My heart burst! It was one of those sweet parenting moments that makes all the distance learning, grumpy mornings, sibling squabbles and whiny moments fade away. During these challenging times, these little things matter more than ever.


What have your silver linings been these days? What has brought you moments of joy? Yummy dinners? Favorite movies? A great book? (I just finished Silver Sparrow and adored it; now I’m reading Just Mercy.)

P.S. Toby and Anton in conversation, and when Toby went on a date.

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